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At Citrine by Kimberly, I am especially proud to be an ExclusiveDavines Salon. Davines is a sustainable line of professional hair and skin care products created exclusively for salons by The Bollati Family in Parma,Italy. Davines was created on the basis of sustainable beauty with natural ingredients, enhanced by cutting edge cosmetic technologies and an artisanal spirit... Bringing you a beautiful line of sustainable effective products to inspire and enhance your inner and outer beauty.


As an independent consultant for BEAUTYCOUNTER, I am proud and excited to share with you a line of high-performance, clean beauty products. Launched in 2013, BEAUTYCOUNTER set the highest bar for safety in the beauty industry, using their "The Never List" of 1800 questionable ingredients they never use in their products.  Feel confident in their full range of cleansers, toners, mists, treatment products, moisturizers, masks, facial oils and serums, eye cream, lip care, mineral sunscreen. Lipstick, mascara, bronzer, blush and foundation too. 


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